Lauren Brockman  Pottery
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Welcome to Lauren Brockman Pottery! Explore and you will find out more about me, my pottery, classes, and upcoming events. 
I live and work in North Carolina - a state famous for its pottery tradition. Thirty years ago, I found my passion for pottery and have been working with clay ever since. I sell my work directly and through a few selected shows each year, so that I can be a part of every step in the pot’s journey to you! The pots I make are designed to weather daily conditions, such as a spin in the microwave or a run through the dishwasher. My goal is to make everyday activities - like drinking a cup of coffee or eating a bowl of cereal - more personal, beautiful, and enjoyable. I hope that you love my pottery as much as I love making it.

Want insight into the how & why of my pottery?  Please visit my blog - - where I offer short vignettes about pottery and buying tips (to ensure that you choose the perfect piece of pottery for you.)

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